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Born in Transylvania and raised in Budapest, part of an artist family, Dora Abodi showed early signs of interest in fashion and began to draw sketches in her parents and grandfather’s studio at a young age. She graduated from French Mod’ International Art and Fashion Academy and later obtained a Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy Milan in 2013. She is finding her inspiration from her family and Transylvanian heritage, movies, traveling, pop culture, and literature.


ABODI loves to create beautiful and timeless things. ABODI is a combination of tradition and innovation and is deeply inspired by the designer’s Transylvanian roots and classic art inspirations. Through its unique creativity and classy yet contemporary style, the brand rapidly seduced demanding international fashion customers.
ABODI's luxury style is a combination of tradition and innovation. ABODI’s signature style can be defined as baroque futurism; fusing classics with modern, contemporary references as opposed to a dark, magical mythical vibe derived from the Transylvanian family and historic stories.
ABODI’s icon is the TWIN UNISUS, a mystical and powerful creature, a winged unicorn. The Unisus is a unicorn with wings, a hybrid mythological animal. The unicorn symbolizes something highly desirable but difficult to see, find, and obtain, an extremely wild creature, beyond mere mythical imagination, being able to communicate with transcendental powers. The Pegasus is a mythical winged divine horse related to Greek Gods. ABODI’s Twin Unisus is the offspring of a Unicorn and a Pegasus, a super magical creature merging the ultimate beauty and power.

Each collection is a new chapter in the TWIN UNISUS EMPIRE and citizens of ABODI Universe are all part of the story: they can be whoever they want, an astronaut, a time traveler, queen or king of the most spectacular parties, a teleportation expert, a dreamer, galactic beauty, mythologic animal, extraterrestrial creature, art lover, movie star, pop idol or just a neo-romantic adventurer with an addiction to find the ultimate beauty.

Through its unique creativity, contemporary style, and creative evolution, the brand rapidly seduced demanding international fashion customers. Celebrities as Cate Blanchett, Emma Roberts, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Normani, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Jena Malone, Jasmine Tookes, Olivia Munn, Tyra Banks, Fergie, Sita Abellan, Hannah Stocking, Kali Uchis, Kesha, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Janelle Monae, Macy Gray, Kacey Musgraves etc. chose her pieces. ABODI appears in magazines like Vogue Italia,, Vogue UK, Vogue China, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Netherlands, Numero, Harpers Bazaar, L’Officiel and many more.

The brand is conscious of representing an ethical and sustainable point of view in fashion, not using real fur, exotic leathers, or any materials from uncontrolled origin and focusing on sustainable fabrics and solutions. ABODI’s prints, embroideries, and applications are all custom developments.



The only Transylvanian heritage brand deeply rooted in the Transylvania-born designer’s cultural heritage & symbolism presents the AW2425 collection:

The Legendarn

ABODI’s signature checkboard patterns and cuts are drawn from checkered Transylvanian ceramics, and wavy scalloped details derived from typical Transylvanian folk & historical dresses and shirts are the key visual elements appearing in the collections, from season to season.

The graphic symbols of the collection, the crescent moon, the fishtail Unisus, the bokaly, the Sun, the 6 feet Unisus, and the shell represent different stages and mystic references of the ABODI universe. Intense rust, Transylvania black, white heron, sea pearl, fellow land ochre, deep creamy brown, and retro blue are the key colors of the collection. Using sustainable fabrics, like hemp, organic cotton, linen, cashmere, wool, upcycled vegan leather, and recycled PE, we created a sustainable collection.




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