Batz Hungary Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Mr. Zoltán Kárpáti who decided to dedicate his life to comfort footwear production. Zoltán wrote his thesis work on branding in 2000. The name Batz was created from the initials of his family members.
In the past 22 years, our team of creative designers and around 200 Hungarianshoemaker professionals through continuous product innovations have been working to create a trendy comfort footwear brand.
Batz is the biggest comfort slipper distributor in Hungary. We have different product groups. The launch of each product line is an achievement of a long testing period.
The most important product group is the comfort slippers. More than 250.000 comfort slippers are produced each year. Product lines: Gel+Memory foam, Light& Flexible,
Slippers with removable insoles, Hallux valgus models. The second product group is the anatomic, noncustomized insoles. We offer more than 20 types of comfort insoles.
The third product group is the customized insole production based on a computer-based measurement system. We started our research in 2012 and carried out different innovations in the meantime. We have created an outstanding product on an international level.
We have Partners in Luxemburg, Malta, Israel, Slovakia, and Russia. More than 60 measurement systems and kiosks are installed in Hungary and abroad.
We have had our official webshop since 2014. At present, we only sell our products in Hungary online. We plan to expand our webshop to be able to serve customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the coming year.

Our business model is based on supplying our partners with our products in consignment. We have 450 partners in consignment in Hungary and 250 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The brand presentation also shows the high quality of our products. Our logo, and the packing all add to our image. We present our products on wooden displays with LED lights and monitors showing the production and different product lines.

Since 2007, we have exported to all over the world. (Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Finland, Sweden, the UK, France, Estonia, Lituania, Austria Greece, Cyprus, UAE, USA, Germany) About 17% of our income comes from exports. In 2022 we introduced the very first designer line to our customers. The collaboration with shoe designer Reka Vago brought the Batz slippers to a new level. Surprising the market with authentic fashion pieces is a huge hit and success so far; we widened our target group with the special summer collection called „Colorful Comfort. The next new project is even bigger: the goal is to create the very first luxury running shoe line (probably as a new sub-brand of Batz) with personalized insoles. We already put the plans into work. Research, development, and design are all in progress.

We are proud to work with Michelin, the world-famous producer of outsoles. It’s nice to know that Batz’s future professional running shoes are already in good hands from the beginning.
We also feel privileged to win the license to work with Vibram, one of the most successful sole producers. The working shoe and slipper collection with the exclusively produced comfort outsoles by Vibram will debut this Autumn. Developing outsoles for comfort slippers, sneakers, and running shoes by Michelin and Vibram, requires technical fabrics with high-performance product technologies.
We are planning to use waterproof, breathable, and also UV-resistant materials to have a unique product.
Our goal is to sell casual, streetwear, trekking shoes, and running shoes too.



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