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Melinda Tóth founded DAIGE in 2013 fresh out of university. With co-founders Beatrix Bordi and Bernadett Egyed by her side she developed her dream into a nationally recognized womenswear brand that has now embarked on a journey towards international success. A team almost exclusively made up of women is behind the clothes, coming together to form an ever-growing inclusive community. As a tutor at Budapest Metropolitan University and KREA Contemporary Art Institute, Melinda trains a new generation of fashion designers.

"One of the things I'm terribly proud of is that I've met such great people over the years and that I get to work with them in my own company today. They are all skilled, ambitious, extremely hard-working individuals and also empathetic, supportive and inspiring team members. I am grateful that we work in such an atmosphere and are moving together towards our goals" - Melinda Tóth.


Founded by Melinda Tóth, DAIGE is a contemporary womenswear brand that creates one-of-a-kind garments in small, sustainable quantities. Our aim is to celebrate authentic beauty and creative self-expression through fashion by bringing a little magic into the ordinary.

DAIGE imagines a versatile wardrobe for the modern woman with a special focus on functionality and accessibility. Our designs, ranging from bold statement pieces to classic wardrobe staples are made for everyday wear but they go against the mundane. The original prints, high-quality knitwear, cotton T-shirts and accessories are made with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

With a strong preference for made-to-order production and natural, recycled and deadstock materials, our brand keeps sustainability at the heart of its mission. The collections are designed and manufactured locally in our atelier in Budapest, using carefully sourced fabrics and keeping a responsible, moderate-sized stock.


The DAIGE Spring Summer 2024 encapsulates the brand's spirit of adventure. Inspired by the thrill of sea voyages and the lure of desert islands, the ISLE collection explores our longing for a peaceful, idyllic place where metropolitan castaways can seek refuge. Time seems to stand still on the untouched, secluded island and this timelessness is echoed in the tailoring and intricate detailing of the designs.

Coastal chic meets laidback street style in the brand's most extensive collection to date, defined by organic lines, fluid silhouettes and versatile hues designed to express the rich tones of nature. The focus is on the fabric, textured, crinkled, draped and ruched to create flattering shapes. Signature pieces from previous collections get another chance to shine, reimagined and reborn in new, inventive forms.

The ISLE collection is dedicated to the city-dwelling, seaside-loving flâneuse who journeys between the sunny beaches and the buzzing citylife. The effortless transition from the coast to the concrete jungle is reflected in the collection, bringing together wardrobe essentials and statement looks.



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