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Originally graduated in mathematics and technical studies, Evelin Fink bears special attention to detail and a quest for perfection that is prevalent in all of her designs.
Her road to become a well-respected fashion designer was not a short one and neither without obstacles, but guided by her firm belief she invested years into learning fashion design and sewing, committing extra hours next to her daytime job.

She was born into a family where fashion was a natural part of her everyday from childhood, her mother being a dressmaker, not only enabling her to dress in a bold and authentic way from her early days but serving as an inspiration and first tutor in the sewing profession.


Designer Evelin Fink brought to life her own brand, EVELINFINK in 2012.

EVELINFINK brand was created to enable women the opportunity to discover and show the world their inner strength that originates in their elf-identical, authentic self.

The brand’s main inspiration is the life of the designer, Evelin Fink, whose innerstrength and self-confidence helped her through difficult times and enabled her to live a purposeful life as a woman.

The EVELINFINK brand is committed to convey authenticity and self-identity through its unique and characteristic pieces, which allow women to shine from within.

The EVELINFINK brand gives women confidence from the inside, with characterful and brave cut lines, enabling them to show the world their inner strength and assertiveness, their belief in themselves in a self-identified way.

All creations of the brand are made by pairing almost technically thought-out, clever tailoring lines, based on the reinterpretation of classic silhouettes. Fabrics, colours, shapes, small details and, of course, the female figure play an important role in EVELINFINK creations. She only works with fabrics that meet high expectations and functionality. In each collection, great emphasis is placed on fine and detailed craftsmanship. For EVELIN it is important to create new, exciting fabric pairings, working with contrasting textures each time.

Since the beginning - from raw materials to manufacturing processes -, environmental awareness is important for the brand. Thanks to the use of materials, the high level of expertise and technologies, her creations can be worn for decades, thus supporting slow fashion. In addition to the natural materials used so far (caterpillar silk, leather, wool, cashmere), recycled and vegan fabrics such as recycled wool, vegan silk, organic cotton and plant-based leather alternatives, vegan material made from pineapple leaf fiber are now also parts of her collection.

Several renowned productions reached out for the help of the designer's creative vision, for instance Prima Primissa Foundation, Madách Theater just to mention a few. In 2015, she opened her downtown studio. In 2017, she was invited to Roma Fashion Week and Serbia Fashion Week, where her collections were highly appreciated. In 2021, she won in 2 categories of the Marie Claire Fashion Awards 2021 and in the eco-conscious category she received a special prize from BMW.


ÉQUILIBRE - Seeking balance in dissonance

As a natural continuation of LIMEN, the 2024-25 autumn-winter collection of EVELINFINK, ÉQUILIBRE is centered around the search for balance in times of transformation: representing a core universal human longing for order and tranquility, which is increasingly out of reach in our modern, dynamically shifting world. Yet, the designer, echoing notions from previous collections, epitomizes a belief that this state of equilibrium can be discovered— if not necessarily in the external world, but within the depths of ourselves. In line with the brand’s ethos, the collection celebrates this feminine inner strength and its dual nature as a powerful force against the volatility of the world.



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