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It has been just a few years since mihano momosa came to be. Still, the amount of hard work, dedication, learning, and heights that we have achieved are worth a lifetime.

Together, we have been through a lot and success followed. Our first collection was a courageous step into the world of fashion, but it was worth taking. It has been accepted by both fashion experts and general public. And official awards followed.

In many aspects, mihano momosa was the first. We are the first fashion brand from the region featured in many international fashion publications, our dresses were worn by influencers, celebrities and royals. Mihano Momosa became available worldwide, Our collections being sold through retail stores and we have dedicated clients from all over the world, buy online directly from us.

The present brings us satisfaction. A loyal base of customers, devoted international fans, countless happy clients bring us more than business benefits. They bring us a sense of belonging. We are citizens of the world, our work brought us to places we could not have even imagined.

But most rewarding is the future. We are working towards expanding our ideas to even more people, establishing ourselves as a fashion house with ultimate sense of aesthetics and quality and making mihano momosa available in every corner of the world, gaining more than financial results – we aspire to become an example that dreams do come true. So we are welcoming the future from a place where it all began – a dream.



We are proud to introduce our latest women's wear collection, "The Protagonist". True to its name, the collection is a celebration of the empowered woman, who takes charge of her destiny, creating her reality and positively influencing the world around her. In literature, the term "protagonist" refers to the leading character, the hero, the one who drives the narrative forward. Mihano Momosa draws inspiration from this concept, asserting that every individual should embrace the role of a protagonist in their micro world, shape their story, and impact the broader world in a meaningful way. "The Protagonist" collection is an embodiment of this philosophy, featuring an exquisite array of dresses and tops adorned with meticulously crafted hand-made flower motifs. Mihano Momosa believes that, much like a protagonist in a story, a flower plays a central role in the narrative of nature, with captivating beauty contributing to its surroundings. Flowers, much like individuals, exhibit diversity each possessing its unique charm. In the collection the hand-made flower motifs symbolize the diversity and individuality of women, encouraging them to embrace their unique qualities and stand out in their way. "The Protagonist" collection represents more than just a showcase of exquisite fashion; it is a statement about empowerment, individuality, and the transformative power each person holds. Mihano Momosa invites you to explore this empowering collection and join in celebrating the spirit of the protagonist.




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