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Lake Pelso. You might know it as Lake Balaton.
A lovely mix of blues and greens in the heart of Hungary. A source of great history, a scene of abundant nature, a sense of calm, and an endless source of inspiration for PELSO. An essence of summer and nostalgia for many generations before and ahead, an attraction for many travelers in the past and the future. A place to rediscover adventure in stillness, to find passion in placidity and peace amid uncertainty. A place where still waters run deep. Somewhere you can always return to when the world is too hectic. Don’t you just crave a quiet, yet exciting place like that? A place for holiday weekends, pink sunsets, long sips of local wine, and tanning on a sailboat.


The garments of our Resort 24/25 Collection were designed for the time spent away from Lake Balaton: we created the collection for the cool winter days when all we want is to stay in the comfort of our home or indulge ourselves in a SPA. The collection is made for self-conscious women and men who like to wear sustainable and sophisticated, highquality garments even at home. The collection features comfortable muslin cotton kimonos, soft terry robes, silk dresses and pajamas.

Dominant prints have been inspired by the popular cement tile motifs of the late 1800s complemented by organic watercolor patterns depicting lakeside motifs. We’ll show the collection for the first time during the BCEFW in the historical Szechenyi Thermal Bath, where heritage, self-care, and a steamy atmosphere will add together to interpret PELSO’s timeless resort pieces.

The ready-to-wear garments were designed by Eszter Füzes, who created modern, kimono-like silhouettes, which almost levitate while wearing.

The swimwear line was designed by Angéla Mészáros, our long-time swimwear designer. The elegant, yet playful bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are made of luminous, slightly shiny materials, which resonate beautifully with the ready-to-wear garments. We interpret our heritage and nostalgia into this luxurious collection, which will bring the feeling of joyous living and cozy winter days, whether you are on a getaway or in the comfort of your home.





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