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SIDLETSKIY is a Ukrainian womenswear brand founded in 2019 by designer Igor Sidletsky. The founder of the brand has a passion for clothing design since childhood. Igor started creating his first clothes at the age of 12, with the advent of his sewing machine and mannequin. The creations were distinguished by the boldness of combinations, colors, and complex designs. Then Igor spent the first show of invented and hand-sewn outfits in the living room for family and close friends. The creative vision of a designer with the formed learning process at the Lviv College of Decorative and Fine Arts was named after I. Trusha and research by Ukrainian designers.

The main force for the formation of the brand was the contest “Look into the future”, after which Igor received support from influential people in the fashion industry. After the Sidletskiy jacket featured the singer Jamala and the iconic pleated dress for the brand, featured the muse of the brand, the singer Onuka. 5.02.2020 was the first significant and very emotional show for the brand at Ukrainian Fashion Week, which determined the further vector of development. The brand aims to make women more beautiful by emphasizing their individuality with luxurious clothes of complex silhouettes. The three main pillars in the creation of clothing are constructivism, a variety of textures, and an appeal to ancient Ukrainian crafts. There have been many interesting collaborations with stylists and magazines during the short period of the brand’s existence.


The inner world of each person is an inexhaustible ocean of emotions, beliefs, and forces. It is a unique mosaic of experiences that form an individual identity. In this inner world, dreams, faith, doubts, and the power of self-determination are interwoven. Each person is not only a physical body, but also the invisible energy of his soul, which is revealed in interaction with the outside world.

The FW 24/25 collection is the embodiment of the inner space of each of us. Strength and identity are expressed through a combination of sophisticated design and inner energy. Each product is created to express the uniqueness of the personality, and the emphasized contrasts and details symbolize the inner power. The collection was especially a broken print, which reflects the inner space of man.

Using high-quality fabrics and exquisite textures, this collection is created to emphasize the inner beauty and courage of each person who chooses it. FW 24/25 is not only a fashion collection, but also an expression of personal essence through exquisite style and attention to detail.



Ihor Sidletskiy

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