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TONiA is a womenswear brand aiming to combine comfort and luxury. The designs are a game on the edge of sensuality, sophistication, and power. It was founded by designer and creative director Antonina Belinska in 2023. Antonina has been working as a costume designer for movies; filming in Ukraine and abroad for roughly 20 years. Antonina is a specialist in historical clothing; her portfolio includes the following projects: "The Rising Hawk", "The Stronghold", "Love in Chains", "Cossacks. An Fail Story", the photo project "Shchyri" and many others.

The brand is a representation of 20 years of experience as a historical costume artist. Knowledge of the constructions and technologies of historical clothing makes it possible to study a woman's silhouette in detail.

As the designer claims: "TONiA is not only about clothes, but also about creating concepts and internal transformations, about the fact that courage, curiosity, and depth are in each of us, my clothes emphasize this".


The capsule collection, "Entropy" was created according to the designer's principle because each of the items can be easily combined in arbitrary combinations. The name of the collection refers to nature and the old dream of the designer. "The creation of this collection was a revival of my childhood because all my life I dreamed of creating my clothes," says Tonya Belinska. - Entropy is a scattered energy, the accumulation of which gave rise to life. It is a certain symbol of my awakening and the birth of something new." The creative director of the brand TONiA calls nature and natural colors, naive art reminiscent of children's drawings, as well as the ability of modern women to combine strength, tenderness, and sexuality, as inspiration for the creation of "Entropy". Belinska deliberately emphasizes female forms, emphasizes the waist, and covers small parts of the female body. In these clothes, the girl feels satisfied with herself, emphasizing the designer.

A special feature of the collection is a knitted corset, created according to the ancient technique of the 19th century. To create it, Belinska adapted the cut of an authentic corset of that time, which she bought at an auction: "Ancient corsets had a very beautiful transition between the waist and hips. At the same time, they did not clamp the diaphragm - this is a secret possessed by ancient tailors. That is why it was easy for women to walk and at the same time visually have a very narrow waist, - shares the designer. The knitted items of the collection are created from Italian yarn, which consists of 50% linen and 50% viscose. This allows the clothes to nicely emphasize the curves of the body and be comfortable to wear even in the heat. Also, almost every element of the collection has elements of hand knitting or embroidery.



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