The collections of the Artista designer collective (Katalin Imre, Nóra Rácz & Katalin Stampf) can be characterized by the interweaving, reinterpreting of minimalistic Eastern shapes and classic European tailoring bravely using particular colour and fabric associations.

The Artista outfits and bags are ageless, providing a unique mood, feminine look and subtle extravagance for their wearers every day.

The designers of Artista suggest that we should be open to the world, sensitive to the design and quality. Even if living a dynamic life in a city nature and silence should be part of it.


1088 Budapest Puskin u. 19.
Mono Fashion
1054 Budapest Kossuth Lajos u. 20.
Fian Concept
1014 Budapest Úri u. 26.-28
Klauzal 1
1072 Budapest Klauzál tér 1.
Berlin Store
1061 Budapest Andrássy út 18.
Art On Me // BAGS ONLY
1076 Budapest Madách Imre út 10.
Art On Me - Mammut Shop // BAGS ONLY
1024 Budapest Lövőház u. 2-6.

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