25th of March

18:45 pm


What started as Michal Darila’s dream to create a love brand and a community, the way skate brands can always do, with one lucky marriage with Mirča Darilová become a small family-run business.

Buffet team is now a family-like team of 6 creative people living and working in Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czechia, or anywhere on the train tracks between those two cities.

Among them, Academy of Visual Arts in Bratislava graduates Zuzana Trtolová and Barbora Jakubová (I'm Not a Robot, the winner of the SFC Best Fashion Graduate 2019), Juliana Summerling and in the past also Cina Marcinková (Drevená Helena, Nehera).

Plus count two kids and a dog.

Quite a company, huh?


At Buffet, we design high-quality apparel for those who seek pleasure in life. In a fast-paced world full of drama and chaos we use our craft to produce clothes that inspire people to stop for a moment and appreciate the smaller things in life. And whilst in design we believe in minimalism, we want to maximize pleasure for all of our customers. It’s simple really, isn’t it? It’s a pleasure. Or it’s nothing.


Best Fashion Blickfang Basel Designpreis 2020

DesignSupermarket price 2015

Best Fashion Blickfang Hamburg Designpreis 2015

 Are you ready? For fashion. SFC award 2014


Buffet Flagship store Bratislava, SloCz Košice, BACKYARD design concept store Prague, Object concept store Brno, Not Another concept store Vienna, Staiy x ZAMT store Berlin, Freshlabels


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