Kinga Cakó, the designer and founder of the CAKÓ brand, grew up in a multigenerational family of artists, so it’s not surprising that she also ended up on an undeniably creative career path. She embarked on her own brand after eight years of industry experience, and since 2013, the CAKÓ brand has had an exciting and constant presence in the Hungarian fashion world. At the end of 2017, she opened her own showroom in Buda.


Kinga often draws inspiration from the fine arts and bravely incorporates bold colour combinations mixed with neutral earth tones, so the end result is always sophisticated and in harmony. The CAKÓ collections consist of easy-to-wear, feminine pieces for weekdays, with a splash of exciting detail and tailored lines. The colours of nature also have a strong effect on the colour scheme of her collections.


CAKÓ is characterized by exciting collaborations within which the brand also expands its boundaries. Together with Kata Dobó, a Spring-Summer Capsule Collection was created - it evoked the pairing memory games of childhood with graphic designer Anna Korolovszky in the Memory collection. The brand also collaborated with jewelry designer Orsi for an exciting graphic collection. Dóri Visy also made exciting geometric jewelry for one of the Spring-Summer collections, which debuted at joint fashion shows.


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