26th of March

17:45 pm


IRON THREAD – A street style brand that stands out from the crowd.

The history of the brand is inextricably linked with the biography of the designer Eno Enyieokpon , who moved from Africa 10 years ago.

He moved to Belarus in 2012, got his bachelors degree in computer science, then arrived Ukraine in 2017, where he did his masters degree in costume design and then joined the Ukrainian fashion week up till date.

In the collections, you can see African motifs, prints, styles in combination with European ones, which unites the two worlds of fashion into one and brings the continents closer together.

The unique element of the brand is huge pockets. After all, the main ideology of IRON THREAD is that clothes should be as functional and comfortable as possible.

The designer draws inspiration from the world around him. It can be things, people, situations, different events - everything strange and unusual. The philosophy of the brand is to emphasize individuality with the help of clothing, to express oneself.

IRON THREAD cloths - for creative and bold people.

Street style can be bright and trendy and every collection speaks about it.


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