13th of September 20:00 pm


The Atelier:


Katti Zoób fashion house, a bastion of Hungary’s innovative and heritage-honouring luxury brands, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The brand proudly remains the last standing representative of the traditional salon-culture in Budapest. The atelier plays a pivotal role in the Hungarian premium ethical fashion landscape, uncompromisingly applying prestigious haute couture methods, handcrafted technologies and personal client relationships.


The collections have been shown on the world’s most important runways; Paris, London, Shanghai, Vienna from as early as 1994 and the brand never seized to evolve ever since.  The additional prêt-a-porter line was launched in 2006 via selected retailers in Budapest and Vienna. The Katti Zoób brand currently carries two lines: ‘Katti Zoób Couture’ and ‘Katti Zoób Kattarzis’ prêt-a-porter. Vitanyi Anna creative partner and each one of the 20-team members work with great dedication and passion on every garment. 


The Brand:


The Katti Zoób style reflects a harmony of contradictions: functional yet extravagant, organic yet geometric, abundantly simple, modern yet timeless, defined yet diverse.  


With her 25 years of design history, Kati Zoób has built a bridge between classic couture and contemporary dress making with a continuously

renewing creative approach. The very wearable yet customized tailoring combined with superior materials, impeccable finishing’s and own handwriting keep Katti Zoób a relevant designer for all generations. 

She is a highly authentic but down-to-earth artist pioneering both in design as well as in the manufacturing part of the creation.


The Couture line echoes heritage and timeless quality tailoring, It aims to convey powerful cultural story telling, fusing contemporary fashion with historical references and intimate personal experiences. Messages of the past made future-proof. Haute couture poetry expressed by fabrics.


The Prêt-a-Porter collections cater for the current, modern fashion consumer. The city apparel line is a hidden protest against the alienation of the deep emotions and lack of connection in today’s fast paced, often relentless, modern urban lifestyle.  The line focuses on-trend fashion content, practicality, mix-and-match and versatility.


Kati Zoób’s passion shines though each and every piece she creates, empowering women to build a reliable, quality wardrobe and dress comfortably, stylish, sophisticated and individual for all user moments.



1055 Budapest Szent István krt. 17. Ground Floor 3.
1010 Vienna, Opernring 13
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