The NINI brand was launched in 2015, by the brand’s founder Nini Molnár.

The designer studied in London, where every day she walked past the shop windows of the biggest fashion houses. It was during these walks when she decided that one day she would design a handbag which people would turn around after on the street. Nini’s big breakthrough was made thanks to a bag reminiscent of a pom-pom, the Pombag, which, after just a single post, already attracted a huge amount of interest on social media.

An essential element of the NINI bags is the shining star, which represents a personal message of the designer. With the motif, Nini wants to remind its wearers that they can achieve anything they dream of with enough perseverance and hard work, and their ceiling is the starry sky. Nini’s positive attitude, style and energy appear in each and every piece: her travels and multicultural experiences come to life in her bags.

Nini's customers call the works of the young designer as “must-have” items and always highlight their practicality and affordable price. From a commercial point of view, one of the brand's greatest strengths lies in the fact that the designer's love for Hungary is also embodied in her products: Nini uses forward-looking handicraft techniques along with the values ​​of the past. When implementing her plans, the brand relies on a strong domestic manufacturing base that works with only the best materials and professionals. 



68 Váci street, 1056 Budapest, Hungary
+36 30 248 9200

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