Peter Mero

The founding of MERO brand dates back to 2008, when founder Péter Merő switched careers from balett dancing to fashion design. Péter is self-taught, and thanks to his discipline and dedication, he was able to gain a folowing in both the Hungarian and international market. Relocating from Berlin to Budapest, with his twin sister Bianka Merő, they opened their first showroom.


MERO creations have been worn by world famous stars such as Pamela Anderson or Nastassja Kinski, and various pieces of the MERO collection have already appeared on the Oscar Gala red carpet, the Berlinale, and also the Cannes Film Festival – besides being worn by Hungarian artists and stars at prestigous events both in Hungary and abroad.


The brand is characterized by renewal, confidence and respect for the female gender. Its clothes ensure the elegant street and protocol look for successful, dynamic women. MERO is for women who love very feminine, powerful yet non-ostentatious pieces.


His motto: "There’s no second chance for a first impression."


„Generally speaking, my pieces don’t focus on a trend following approach on purpose, instead I believe in classic, simple, and timeless pieces with feminine cuts. Accentuating the waist is an essential element of my collection.”


“I like experimenting with new technologies, and I often combine fine raw materials with neoprene, leather, or 3D applications. I often use the options provided by laser technology, flocking, or embroidery to give soft lines a powerful character. At times, I completely cut apart a piece of material, only for it to appear on a dress in a reinterpreted form. I need challenges, it’s what drives me forward.”



1073 Budapest Kertész utca 40.

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