Romani is one of the world’s first Roma fashion studios, and opened its doors in 2010 with the social mission to promote Roma culture through the world of fashion and design. The brand places Hungarian and Gypsy clothing traditions and their motif treasures into a modern context.

The designers of Romani, Erika Varga and Helena Varga, speak the language of contemporary fashion in addition to representing the values ​​of traditions. From their childhood, and their tradition-following family, the sisters brought with them the varied shapes and rich colours typical of Romani products. Their mission is to pass on this heritage and create a bridge between cultures through fashion. The outstanding product of the Romani collections are its unique bags, accessories and jewelry designed by Varga Helena. Each Romani bag is a design product designed and handmade with handcrafted technology, of which its visual world evokes impressionist paintings. In addition to fashion design, teaching and social activities fill Erika and Helena’s everyday lives. As the hosts of many school sessions and creative workshops, mentoring and strengthening the identity of Roma young people and women is of paramount importance.


1151 Budapest Batthyány utca 31.
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1014 Budapest Úri utca 26.

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