The starting point of each collection of TOMCSANYI is something characteristically Eastern European such as the Metro line 3 in Budapest built in the 70s or the pioneer movement of the bygone era. The collections’ signature elements, the manually and digitally self-designed prints are always rooted in these themes.


As a contradiction, the silhouettes are always minimalist and loose yet feminine. The brand prefers to distribute classical garment types that can be easily fit into one’s wardrobe. It reinterprets blazers, dresses and blouses according to the current zeitgeist and also involves styles from workwear such as boiler suits and jackets with huge pockets.


Along the spectacular prints, the colour usage also makes these clear silhouettes iconic. Organising unexpected yet harmonious colours into geometric blocks within the garments is almost as typical characteristic of TOMCSANYI as its prints.


The label’s whole production from the beginning of the design process to the sewing of the last button takes place in Budapest. The in-house workshop provides life-long repairing services and guarantees not only the high quality of the garments but also the right working conditions and wages for the employees. As part of TOMCSANYI’s approach to sustainability, the brand doesn’t have big stock, the production of a garment often starts after an order is placed to prevent overproduction.




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