27th of March

17:30 pm


The VENGRU brand was founded by Boglárka Szögi-Csomány and Tamás Faragó in February 2017.

They graduated at the University of Óbuda, as an industrial product and design engineer, and joined the same clothing wholesale company as designers. Boglárka was responsible for the women’s collection, Tamás for the men’s section. They traveled a lot, they also visited China several times together, they got experience the full operation of a fashion company. They followed the way of products from the design, through the production to the market.

Boglárka and Tamás worked in one company, but they still live different life situations, so their attitudes in their product design style are also different. Boglárka, as a mother of two children, has a much more practical approach to design, while Tamás brings extravagant, artistic, modern design forms into the brand.

Their motto: "Dream, design , customize your bag! Shape it to your style!„

VENGRU focuses on customers who like creativity and uniqueness. The most important for us is to create quality, timeless pieces, but more important to let our customers create unique bags on their own.

One of VENGRU’s main feature is that through our interactive web site visitors can customize bags according to their own style. Typical "V" lines appear on the front of the bags, which refer to the brand’s name. New modules can be added onto the "V" shape, which completely change the look of the bags and can be worn separately as well. Modules of the products can be swapped and used in several combinations.


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