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The „Sugarbird” bird was born in 2007, somewhere over the rainbow, to this day, and beyond.

Sugarbird - House of Sugarbrands is a multi-brand fashion concept with the goal of creating several individual brands with separate, but combinable style cues. We have our own brands, as well as annually changing guest brands, which are always world licenses, such as for example the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Fox Studios, Coca Cola or Frida Kahlo. However we would also like to highlight one of our Hungarian license collaborations, the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory.

All collections are designed, printed and manufactured by the Sugarbird LAB team in Hungary. The special feature of the brands is that each of them features the Sugarbird bird icon itself in some form. Our collections are characterized by powerful graphic appearances, sublimable textile choices, accentuated colors, and striking combinations, consistently.

The Sugarbird Attitude: More is More!

Our own brands:

„Czukormadár” Hungarian Heritage

The Czukormadár brand processes the elements and motifs of folk art works of exclusively Hungarian origin, which patterns have been reborn on the basis of adaptations accepted by UNESCO and are currently part of the world heritage. The brand features heritage: Matyó, richelieu from Kalocsa, Kalotaszeg and blue painter collections from Transylvania. These collections are made with the involvement of embroiderers, beaders and painters from the original environment, maintaining the importance of their work and the originality of the collection.

Queen and the Gang

Pieces from the iconic Queen and the Gang collections carry the basic direction paired with graffiti as well as cool street style. Choice of many international celebrities.


The first collection of the newest brand within House of Sugarbrands was inspired by herbs and vegetables. The thematic Vegansugar brand will soon be expanded with yet another trend.

Sugarbird Budapest

It is all about the iconic bird, the logo of the brand.

Our current guest brands:

Frida Kahlo


“If I had to describe the Sugarbird brand in one word, what would it be? Sugargoods! ” – Hedvig Jagasics v. Csonka - Founder and owner of the brand.

We consider it important that we also draw attention to the problems affecting the fashion industry: It is estimated that there are approximately 168 million children aged 5-17 in the world today who are being employed in illegal ways that are harmful to their health, pushing them into an ever-reproducing vicious circle of poverty. They are the victims of child labor.

Sugarbird has been an official supporter of UNICEF Hungary since December 2020.



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