The Conscious Fashion Initiative at Budapest Central European Fashion Week sets forth a foundational framework of standards that all participating brands are encouraged to follow. Our initiative, launched in 2024, strives to inspire domestic and regional brands to integrate conscious and sustainable practices into their ethos.

The Conscious Fashion Initiative functions as a framework employed in the application process for Budapest Central European Fashion Week. It's crucial to recognize that this initiative is not a certification program or audit. Instead, it is an essential aspect of the application process for brands seeking to showcase their collections at Budapest Central Fashion Week, designed to ensure adherence to sustainable practices and values.



Diversity and Equality 

We champion diversity and equality within our events and projects therefore we look for the same values in the brands and partners we set our minds to collaborate with.

Sustainability in Design 

In the brands we choose to work with we seek design with a focus on enhancing the quality and value of products economically and materially. Our main aim is to educate consumers about the significance of longevity in fashion. Said designers pledge to find second lives for their design samples and prioritize smart material choices in their production processes, new-generation sustainable materials, alongside upcycled, recycled, or deadstock fabrics.

Considering the event itself Budapest Central European Fashion Week prioritizes diversity and inclusivity when selecting models for the showcases.

Working Conditions 

We are committed to ensuring fair and safe working conditions throughout our events and projects. We are in the pursuit of cooperating with designers and brands who share the same values in this regard.

Engaging Consumers 

Through various platforms, as an agency we strive to educate and inform our customers about our sustainability practices. We aim to refrain from using single-use plastic packaging, offering recyclable, recycled, or repurposable alternatives when possible.


We pledge to communicate our environmental and social commitments to all stakeholders.


Introducing Conscious by BCEFW, we embrace an educational responsibility. We hold the belief that it is essential for consumers to understand the values of the brands they choose to support.

As we embark on this journey towards a more conscious fashion industry, we invite all stakeholders to join us in this collective endeavour towards a sustainable future.