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Dóri Tomcsányi brings a distinctive perspective to the fashion realm, influenced by her family's rich history. She was raised in the intersection of a noble Hungarian heritage and a socialist working-class background, and the dual identity of her upbringing is mirrored in the collections of her eponymous brand, TOMCSANYI.

Her inherent fascination with patterns and textiles naturally led her to a career as a fashion designer. Childhood memories from post-socialist Hungary serve as an enduring wellspring of inspiration for her collections. Actively seeking traces of midcentury minimalism in design elements, furniture, and textiles, she now embarks on exploring ways to infuse national identity into contemporary fashion starting in 2023.

Currently, she manages her independent fashion label with a dedicated team, including pattern designer Viola Balázs, a head-of-production, and a team of skilled seamstresses. In addition to her role in the fashion industry, Dóri imparts her knowledge by teaching fashion design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, complemented by her pursuit of postgraduate studies.


TOMCSANYI is a Budapest-based slow-fashion womenswear brand with on-demand manufacturing.

Born from a diploma project and discovered by Susie Bubble in 2012, the brand represents a playful experiment with colors and prints. In the world of TOMCSANYI, nothing is taken for granted - the unusual beauties of life are reimagined through vibrant patterns.

Throughout its first decade, TOMCSANYI drew inspiration from local impressions and everyday life during the socialist era, delving into the essence of Hungarian identity. The collections brought forth the influences of art, architecture, and even the intriguing yet often unappealing products of 1970s industrial design. These elements came to life on the brand's distinctive, colorful prints, resulting in an unconventional and intellectually stimulating appeal.

However, as of 2023, TOMCSANYI’s creative direction has shifted, moving beyond the broader context of post-socialist Eastern Europe to a more focused exploration of Hungarian identity. This newfound inspiration is expressed through the incorporation of national, folkish patterns, as well as symbolic elements, within their collections. Each collection serves as an experiment, seeking to explore the possibilities of translating Hungarian national identity and rich heritage into the realm of modern fashion and clothing.

The sometimes overwhelmingly colorful world of the patterns is delicately counterbalanced by a classical approach to tailoring, clean cuts, and functionalist silhouettes that make the collections modern yet timeless.



A Tribute to Rural Heritage and Agricultural Traditions

This season, TOMCSANYI invites you on a journey into rural nostalgia with the AW24 collection, where one-of-a-kind patterns pay homage to the simplicity and beauty of peasant life during the cherished times of yesteryear.

Inspired by the intricate tapestry of villein life, our collection unfolds like a captivating storybook, weaving patterns that honor age-old traditions such as grain and corn cultivation, along with the rustic allure of peasant houses and their intimate interiors.

The hand-drawn prints this season offer a reinterpretation of traditional, folkloristic hand-painted decorations. Reflecting the brand's distinctive touch of humor, the designs playfully incorporate stylized thatched peasant houses and whimsical flying furniture of the so-called 'clean room.' This special room, typically found in traditional peasant houses, was exclusively reserved for noteworthy occasions, meticulously maintained with constant cleanliness, and adorned with beautifully hand-painted furniture.

The silhouettes, ranging from tailored jackets, pants, dresses, and jumpsuits to puffer pieces, are effortlessly wearable and versatile, providing the perfect counterbalance to the vibrant world of our patterns.

This season, special accessories accompany our collection on the runway - the phone and EarPods cases, and bags were crafted using the most ancient knotting and weaving techniques with a modern twist by Dorottya Bató, a master student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

The AW24 collection is a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, capturing the essence of a bygone era while offering a fresh perspective on rural style. Every garment serves as a testament to heritage, craftsmanship, and the enduring magic of rural life.




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